About Us

The Intuitive indigo is a holistic company specializing in Reiki, Spiritual Advising, Inspiration and Meditation. We strive to raise the consciousness in people so they awaken and become more aware to ultimately live a more fulfilling life. We encourage our clients to look within and tap into their higher selves.

We offer assistance and resources for those seeking to awaken and those who are already in the awakening process. We offer guidance, support, and a network to help you on your spiritual journey.  Often times people find themselves lost in the world and never discover their true life purpose. Our goal is to awaken! In addition, we strive to provide relaxation, stress relief, and spiritual knowledge. We want to uplift, inspire, and educate our world in a positive aspect.

Founder of The Intuitive Indigo LLC

The Intuitive Indigo herself is an Empath, Indigo adult, Reiki master teacher, Meditation Instructor, Spiritual Coach and Intuitive. She is spiritually in tune and vibrates on a relatively high vibrational level. With a strong passion, a free spirit, and a life mission to help others; she dedicates her time to help awaken and contribute positive change in our world. The Intuitive Indigo was founded on a strong desire to help others for the greater good of all.

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