"Let Your Spirit Guide You, Not The World We Live In"

Positive Energy

Greetings all! Sending you all love and light. Thanks for reading today, this message is for you. I want you to know that whatever you may be going through today will soon pass, great things are in store for you and they are in the works. Take a deep breath, stretch and allow the good…
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Greetings all! So today I want to discuss retrograde! What is retrograde? Retrograde is an apparent change in the movement of the plant through the sky. How does the retrograde effect, someone? This is a very interesting question because as you know we are all vibrating on different frequencies and rather or not we are…
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Want a good read?

The Seat of the Soul is one of my favorite reads. It is great especially if you have just went through an awakening, it gives a lot of insight and clarity. Thank me later!

Happy Thanksveganing!

May you all have a happy thanksgiving filled with lots of vegan and vegetarian dishes! I wanted to make a new vegan dish this year so I decided to make a pumpkin spice cake. Here is the recipe, check it out now!