Reiki & Depression

"Let Your Spirit Guide You, Not The World We Live In"

According to the World Health Organization, depression affects approx. 400 million people around the world. When it isn’t properly treated, this condition reduces the quality of life for sufferers and can lead to a number of serious consequences. Many different treatments exist for depression however Reiki sessions are typically beneficial for clients even in conjunction with any other treatments they may use.
Depression is a common condition that causes affected individuals to experience feelings of sadness, guilt, loss of interest in enjoyable activities, change in appetite, low self-esteem, and sleep issues. Although depression may occur after trauma, it can also appear to occur without a cause. If left untreated it can affect the quality of life, relationships, work, or even lead to suicidal thoughts or death.

Benefits of Reiki for Depressed Clients
*Better sense of mental and physical balance- Reiki may help restore a person’s overall sense of balance, both in the mind and the body. This may help to improve the person’s mood and help them overcome feelings of guilt or sadness.
*Reiki is relaxing- Depression is often accompanied by anxiety; however reiki can be relaxing which may help to combat this anxiety. As the individual’s anxiety is relieved their depression may improve as well.
*Reiki relieves stress- Stress can contribute to the development of depression, and ongoing stress can also worsen a depressed persons symptoms. Reiki may have to relieve some of a client’s stress which may reduce the symptoms of depression.