"Let Your Spirit Guide You, Not The World We Live In"


Greetings all! So today I want to discuss retrograde! What is retrograde? Retrograde is an apparent change in the movement of the plant through the sky. How does the retrograde effect, someone? This is a very interesting question because as you know we are all vibrating on different frequencies and rather or not we are impacted by something like retrograde often depends on which vibration you are on. Now personally, I am always affected by retrograde, and it is usually very discomforting. I try to stay on top of when retrograde is occurring so I can isolate myself from the world, well at least to the capacity that I can.

What helps? Well, I personally think it is good to eat healthy food and drink lots of water as well as meditate during this time especially if you typically vibrate on a rather high vibration. Doing so will help ease the discomfort and changes you may be experiencing.

The next retrograde will be October 30th-November 20th, 2019 according to

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